Signature Manicure $20

Your hands start out with a revitalizing soak to sanitize and whiten your nails. We then de- cuticle and re-shape the nails. The treatment is completed with a rejuvenating hand and arm massage with our own special oils to calm and relax muscles and joints.

Hot Oil Manicure $25

Feeling stressed? After a revitalizing soak in aromatic oils for your hands, our technician places them in specially heated mittens. Your treatment is completed with our special hand and arm massage.

Serenity Creative Manicure $30

We add crystalline citric acid and Vitamin E to our Signature Manicure for nail and skin rejuvenation, followed by hydrating lotion and massage to restore a glowing skin tone.

Serenity Aromatherapy Manicure $38

This treatment combines lavender sea salts with Vitamin Exfoliation, giving your skin a healthier look. Then a massage from arm to hand with hydrating paraffin wax ensures skin softness.

Gel Lacquer Manicure $35

This manicure is perfect to retain your natural nails yet preserve the long lasting shine of polish, zero dry time and with no chipping up to 14 days. We use harm-free L.E.D lighting to cure. Signature Manicure is included.


Signature Pedicure $38

Anti-microbial, anti-inflammatory sea salt and eucalyptus oils are rubbed into reshape the nails. A soft buffing is applied to eliminate calluses and smooth cracked heels. Lastly, your feet will be coated gently with a sea kelp and aloe sloughing gel. The pedicure is completed with a lower leg and foot massage.

Serenity Creative Pedicure $48

This spa pedicure is enhanced by our signature Sea Salt Scrub, which contains essential oil, Vitamin E, and sweet almond to improve circulation and the ability to regrow healthy skin. The skin is moisturized by a specially made Hydro-Masque. The Serenity Spa Pedicure is then completed with a lower leg and foot massage.

Serenity Aromatherapy Pedicure $58

Unwind with our special lavender sea salt scrub that contains Vitamin E and sweet almond oils to exfoliate the skin and increase circulation. A Hydro-Masque is added to remove the damaged skin in order to mend the skin, keeping it richly moistened. To complete the pedicure, hydrating paraffin treatment is used to soothe and protect cracked heels.

Artificial Nails


Full Set $40 (White tips $45)

Lengthened and Sculptured Nails  $50

This treatment is ideal for clients who want natural looking nails with exceptional durability. Our technician applies plastic tips to add length to the nails, plus a layer of special scratch- resistant acrylic.

Refill $30

It is essential that you re-balance your acrylic nails once every 14 days in order to retain their elegance and prevent infection.

Pink and White Full Set $55

A pink and white acrylic is used to create a French manicure, which is specially sculptured to accomplish a unique French manicure look.

Pink and White Refill Combo $45

Pink Refill Only $30


Nail Wrap – Full Set: $50

This treatment creates durable and natural looking nails using a choice of silks, fibers or linens. Our technicians will provide advice and assistance on your selections.

Dip Gel – Full Set: $50

Gel nails retain their natural look longer than acrylic. The shine and color lasts longer; they do not break or chip easily or turn yellow in sunlight. If you are looking for a great look, or if you are sensitive to the primers and liquids in other nail enhancements, this may be the choice for you.

Refills: $35

Rebalancing the nail wrap or gel fill every two weeks is essential and avoids infection and from the nail wrap lifting or breaking.

Pink and White Gel Full set: $65

Gel-based pink and white French manicure – feels great and looks great.

Pink and White Gel Refill: $45

Update and re-balance your gel treatment every two weeks.


Additional Pedicure Massage $1 per minute

French/American (with services) $5

Color Polish Change $12

French Polish Change $16

Gel Lacquer Polish Change $25

Artificial Nail Repair $4 per nail

Nail Soak-off (without services) $15

Nail Soak-off (without services) $5

PRINCE/ PRINCESS (Children under 12)

Pedicure $25

Manicure $15

Polish Change $10